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The Smallest in the World!
M1 Locking Nylon Nut

Lock Fastener Co., Ltd.
The World’s Smallest Locking Nut

Locking nuts ensure that screws do not come loose when subjected to extreme vibrations or other conditions. M1 Locking Nylon Nuts are the world’s smallest locking nuts. M1 Locking Nylon Nuts are highly earthquake-resistant and are capable of protecting against nuts loosening as a result of rotational vibrations and/or shocks.

Why Doesn’t the Nut Come Loose?

The nylon insert lock nuts (common name: nylon nuts) manufactured by Lock Fastener Co., Ltd. are created by combining the main nut body, made of metal, with a nylon ring lock mechanism. (Left Photograph)

Lock nuts do not come loose because the bolt bites into the nylon ring, creating friction. The force that results is stable, causing the lock nut to have exceptional locking properties regardless of the kind of vibration.

There are other kinds of nylon nuts in addition to locking nuts, but locking nuts possess the following advantages: (1) they can be put to repeated use, (2) they correspond to a wide variety of sizes, and (3) they have a simple construction and have exceptional operability characteristics. Lock Fastener Co., Ltd. is one of the few domestic manufacturers of stainless steel nylon nuts, and has a dominating share of the market.

Airplanes. Used in seats and wheel components.

Used in seats and wheel components.

Highway Sound Insulation Walls. >Nylon nuts with attached clips are being used.

Highway Sound Insulation Walls
Nylon nuts with attached clips are being used.

Railroad Cars. Used a wide variety of parts for their high earthquake-resistance.

Railroad Cars
Used a wide variety of parts for their high earthquake-resistance.
Development Secret: The Challenge to Make the “World’s Smallest”

The company wanted to create the best locking nut in the world, and it was from this that they began developing prototypes of the world’s smallest locking nut.

A project team was established comprising primarily of younger employees, and many problems were confronted as the product moved towards realization. How do we make a nylon nut? How does it maintain its strength? Is it so small that human hands have difficulty handling it? Is it too difficult to inspect? As soon as one problem was resolved a new problem would arise.

For a time, development was halted for financial reasons, but thanks to the application of the national assistance system* these problems were overcome. After many more meetings the company was at last successful in developing the world’s smallest locking nut.
* “Manufacturing Sector Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise Product Development, Etc. Assistance Grant (Prototype Development, Etc. Assistance Project) ”: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Future Direction

The development of the world’s smallest locking nut resulted not only in the completion of the product, but also in an improvement of the company’s in-house technological capabilities. “We have always placed great importance on approaching every job we undertake with thoroughness,” the company stated. Making use of the experiences it has gained in developing this product, the company seeks to continue working towards even higher levels of functionality and technology, and developing a range of products that answer the needs of users.

Lock Fastener Co., Ltd.
○Address:   4-22-3, Kusunecho, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0814, Japan
○TEL:   +81-(0)72-997-9990
○FAX:   +81-(0)72-997-0115
○E-mail:   nylonnut@world.ocn.ne.jp
○Homepage:   http://www.lockfastener.com
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