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DI (drawing and ironing) lubricant for manufacturing aluminum beverage cans -Quality acclaimed worldwide-

Nippon Quaker Chemical, Ltd.
How beverage cans are made

Aluminum cans that contain beer and soda are called DI cans in the can manufacturing industry. “Drawing” is basically a “forming” process, where flat aluminum is turned into a shape of a cup. “Ironing” is a sheet metal forming process where the shallow aluminum cup made with drawing is stretched to become a deep cup.

An indispensable part of these two processes is metalworking lubricant, such as that produced by Nippon Quaker Chemical, Ltd..

The role of DI lubricant for manufacturing cans

The role of lubricant in the DI can manufacturing process (drawing and ironing) is to provide lubrication, in order to reduce friction between machines and raw materials during production, ensuring smooth operation and preventing scratches.

In recent years, the goal has been to increase the speed of production as well as improve product quality, in particular by reducing lubricant odors and residue. Labeling needs for cans can vary among companies. This means it is very important to apply the appropriate lubricant in the appropriate amount and evenly so that label printing proceeds smoothly.

Developing technology through customer collaboration

Nippon Quaker Chemical was the first company in Japan to start developing DI lubricants for manufacturing cans. With the technology of Quaker Chemical Corporation in the United States as a base, Nippon Quaker Chemical has been developing lubricants that meet the needs of Japanese customers. The lubricant technology was originally developed by an oil company in the United States; however, as previously mentioned, a need for higher-quality lubricants has developed. Particularly in Japan, the quality requested for soft drink cans is higher than that of other countries. Steady research obtained through collaborating with customers (can manufacturers) has led to Nippon Quaker Chemical’s improved lubricant technology.

Due to this, our can manufacturing lubricants are used for approximately 80% of the 18 billion cans manufactured in Japan every year, and our technology plays a crucial role in the can-manufacturing process.

Future direction

Nippon Quaker Chemical is currently developing an environmentally-friendly lubricant, suitable for use even in low concentration and low amounts. Aluminum soft drink cans have become one of the most used packaging containers in the world, and improvement of the can-production process will continue to be required.

As our new logo says, “It’s what’s inside that counts,” Nippon Quaker Chemical will strive to develop products that meet the demands of the times.

Nippon Quaker Chemical, Ltd.
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