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Maximizing the life of your food
Best-selling vegetable washers nationwide

What is a vegetable washer?

In the modern age, it is easy to obtain safe and delicious food at department stores, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, family restaurants, and various other retail stores and restaurants. Food provided at these restaurants and stores are processed in large quantities at specialized plants, and shipped to the restaurants and stores in order to fulfill the needs of many consumers.

When vegetables are cooked (processed) at food-processing plants, just like cooking in a regular kitchen, work such as washing, draining, and removal of foreign matter is needed. Vegetable washers manufactured by HOSODA KOGYO CO., LTD. perform a series of processes including disinfecting and cooling in addition to the work mentioned above. Their vegetable washers can be custom-made according to customers’ needs, such as the type of vegetables, necessary processes, and desired freshness. HOSODA KOGYO’s vegetable washers are the best-selling in Japan.

Maximizing the quality of “fresh ingredients”

Vegetables are “fresh ingredients;” therefore, dealing with them presents a unique set of challenges. It does not just require maintaining good product appearance; the vegetables must also remain fresh and tasty.

There are several obstacles to maintaining freshness. For example, the surface of a cut vegetable is prone to breed bacteria and to decay easily. One of the conventional countermeasures for this is to spray the vegetable with disinfectant, but this method has its disadvantages. It tends to break down cell tissues as disinfecting is performed, causing the surface of the cut vegetable to discolor.

HOSODA KOGYO has been researching dynamics of water flow for many years and knows in comprehensive detail about the changes caused by water quality, i.e. temperature, concentration, PH. Utilizing this knowledge, the company has developed a washing method in which bacterial growth is significantly inhibited, while only using a small amount of disinfectant, maximizing freshness and efficiency.

To make this washing method possible, HOSODA KOGYO employs specialized control software built into the washer, which allows the machine to adjust in order to accommodate the produce being cleaned.

HOSODA KOGYO is the only company in the industry that possesses the capability to develop and manufacture both the equipment and software. The company can balance the equipment and software, enabling them to develop a washer that best fits to each customer. This contributes greatly to their success.

The washers deal with delicate materials that consumers put in their mouths, so HOSODA KOGYO puts significant effort in maintenance of the equipment; HOSODA KOGYO washers are designed with simplicity in mind to enable easy cleaning. HOSODA KOGYO believes “Simplicity is best.”

Due to ample experience and knowledge of water, development capabilities for equipment and software, and the simplicity of maintenance, HOSODA KOGYO’s vegetable washers are indispensable for industries handling fresh produce. This accounts for HOSODA KOGYO’s strong market share.

Future direction

HOSODA KOGYO has recently developed a new bean sprout washing system. All processes, from husk removal, root cutting, to removal of foreign materials are automated on this washing system. Sales are growing both Japan and internationally. Bean sprouts are consumed all over the world; HOSODA KOGYO is expecting this washing system to be one of the pillars of our future business development.

Consumers typically do not see these vegetable washers in action, but company CEO Mr. Hosoda states that, “Except infants, diverse generations of people eat vegetables washed by our vegetable washers.”

Fresh vegetables are living foods, and after harvesting, they are still alive. Maintaining this freshness is important. In order to enable safe delivery to consumers while maintaining taste and freshness, HOSODA KOGYO will continue developing the equipment to maximize the life of your food.

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