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Comfort and safety in a small package
Melodian Mini

Melodian Co., Ltd.
First single-serve coffee creamer in Japan

Single-serve creamer has become popular for use with coffee. In 1975, Melodian Co., Ltd. for the first time in Japan produced single-serve coffee creamer, and this was a huge success due to its ease of use and long life. One could go so far as to say that the emergence of this single-serve product triggered a change in coffee culture in Japan.

Our yearly production volume is close to 2.5 billion servings, making us the number one producer in Japan.

Packaging changes -Solving the splashing problem-

Originally, Melodian Mini was sold in Tetra Classic packages, but the 10ml serving size was slightly too much for one serving. This is when Melodian Co., Ltd. chose to standardize on the same serving size that was becoming common in Europe. We implemented equipment made in Germany, and the new smaller size coffee creamer became a huge hit the moment it went on the market.

The original packaging for this product had a problem of splashing during opening. In order to overcome this, development of an original spring bottom container began.

The spring bottom container developed by Melodian is designed in such a way that the contents do not splash when opening. This is accomplished by sealing the container as the bottom is pushed up, reducing air pressure within the packaging.

The development of this innovation was not without issues. Due to the small size of the container, simply pushing up the bottom did not work. Trial and error such as adjustment of the container sealing process and changes to the shape and strength of the container bottom were repeated numerous times before a successful design was developed. In 1992, this idea was patented.

Safety assured

Melodian Mini’s containers are made with a UV-resistant material. This helps to preserve the product’s integrity and flavor. This is one of the reasons why the product is so popular.

The packaging material was a special development intended to help assure the customer maximum safety and quality.

Future direction

Melodian’s mottoes are “beauty and health” and “deliciousness is happiness.” Melodian entered the skincare market in 2008. In addition to making quality, wholesome food and beverage products for inside the body, we now also make excellent skincare products for outside the body as well. We have recently introduced Happy Palette, a collection of single-use skincare serums with absolutely no preservatives, using our unique sterile packaging. Our goal is to provide to our customers the best care and products, both inside and out.

Melodian Co., Ltd.
○Address:   1-33, Asahigaoka, Yao Ciry, Osaka 581-0833, Japan
○TEL:   +81-(0)72-999-3250
○FAX:   +81-(0)72-924-7170
○Homepage:   http://www.melodian.co.jp
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