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Craftspersonship of Kompeito (confetti) breakthrough in technology - World's smallest Kompeito (confetti) -

Osaka-Toka Co., Ltd.
Historic sweet treat Kompeito (confetti)

Japanese were well eating the Kompeito (confetti) in childhood. The Azuchi-Momoyama Period to be conveyed by the Portuguese, the first Japanese who ate the Kompeito (confetti) is Nobunaga Oda. Kompeito (confetti) is historically, but the environment surrounding severe. There were once present about 40 companies of Kompeito (confetti) manufacturer in Osaka Prefecture. But the market was shrinking due to new confectionery appeared, and now has diminished to less than 10 companies in Japan.

In such an environment, visibility improvement of Kompeito (confetti), "King of Kompeito (confetti) kingdom, flat Nomura" that the market expansion is lone struggle Son and Nomura president led Kompeito (confetti) specialized manufacturer, is an Osaka-Toka Co., Ltd.

Skilled technique is required for Kompeito (confetti) manufacture

The Kompeito (confetti), dedicated large iron pot (diameter 180cm, weight 800kg) 2 times per minute in a clockwise direction, while slowly rotating, and multiplied by the honey in granulated sugar that is the core, to manufacture while mixing. Because it increases by about one millimeter on the 1st, it takes about two weeks to become 15 mm grains.

Furthermore, in order to make clean the 24 corners are characteristic of Kompeito (confetti), the temperature of an iron pot, tilt angle, rotation speed, it is necessary to continue to adjust the amount of honey. To learn that the adjustment technique is being said to need more than three years, the Kompeito (confetti) manufacturing requires skill of tricks, the number of ideal corner of Kompeito (confetti) it is said that 24.

The four craftsmen have a lot of experience are engaged in the manufacture of Kompeito (confetti) in Osaka-Toka Co., Ltd. every day, it is repeated many years research by taking advantage of the skill of manufacturing technology. The successful development of such Wasanbon Kompeito (confetti) that made with Wasanbon sugar involved in salt Kompeito (confetti) and materials for heat stroke measures only I call the topic. It is other companies cannot imitate.

The only Kompeito (confetti) Museum in Japan

Aiming to enhance the visibility of Kompeito (confetti) in Osaka confection Co., Ltd. began operations of Kompeito (confetti) Museum from 2003. In the Museum, other Kompeito (confetti) handmade experience, tour of the manufacturing plant, it is possible to learn the history of Kompeito (confetti), Osaka Prefecture Yao City, Osaka Prefecture Sakai City, Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka, operates a museum in three locations.

The Kompeito (confetti) Museum is name recognition is enhanced as a pioneer in the current factory tour boom, also Large Groups in visitors and tourist bus from distant not only local residents have increased, year around the families and elderly I have won the 30,000 people to attract customers. We aim to further improve name recognition, is aimed at established a museum in Tokyo area.

The market expansion by product development

Kompeito (confetti) to find in such tourist destinations has been painted in color and resemble flowers such as hydrangea. Osaka-Toka Co., Ltd. manufactures the first to "Flower Series", and now it has grown into the company's main product. In addition to the above-mentioned diameter 1mm "World's smallest Kompeito (confetti)", and taste of pine mushroom is "Matsutake Imataira", and in the granulated sugar visible, colorful Kompeito (confetti) "Gem Sugar", and developed as a nutritional support of fishermen strive for a long time fishing has been further increased the Ootama Marble was in sweetmeats "60 minutes candy", etc., and has continued to provide day and night products called the topic.

Future Development

Kompeito (confetti) Museum has been increasing year-by-year visitors, it's bright information in that harsh environment, and such as those skilled in the art of going out of business continues. We aim to 100 years company, it is possible to address the market expansion through the development of visibility improvement and new product of Kompeito (confetti), old-fashioned way of manufacturing as a Kompeito (confetti) maker, will inherit the craftsmanship.

Osaka-Toka Co., Ltd.
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