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Its fine chemical materials friendly to people and the Earth
Sebacic acid (castor oil derivatives)

HOKOKU Co., Ltd.
We are top share manufacturer of sebacic acid in Japan

- Soaps, Cosmetics, Inks -. Castor oil has been used as a raw material for these familiar products.

It is a vegetable oil that is collected from castor seeds of the Euphorbiaceae. It has a high fluidity at a low temperature boasts the maximum viscosity and specific gravity among the fatty oil in fatty oils containing fatty acids. Therefore, it is used in applications where many as 150 different such as fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals and construction-related materials and automobile industrial goods.

They are in addition to the castor oil, fine chemical material also provides castor oil (Sebacic acid, Polyester polyol, Undecylenic acid, etc.) is a raw material. They have the know-how at a high level of the sebacic acid is one of the nylon and plastic raw materials in castor oil. Therefore, they're top share maker boasts a 80% market share in Japan.

Their sebacic acid is superior to both the purity and the molten color

The castor oil market is said to be around $ 900 million worldwide. Production line of HOKOKU is leading scale in the world. They have a consistent production system to carefully selected and squeezing and refining and processing of raw materials. Therefore, they can produce high-performance castor oil with high purity in high quality.

HOKOKU Co., Ltd. was the first time get the international standard ISO9002 quality assurance in the vegetable oil manufacturer in Japan in 1994. Because they were acquired ISO9002, was constructed an advanced quality assurance system and stable supply system in the manufacturing and sales field of sebacic acid. It is one of the factors that they boasts the top share in this field.

Challenge to the new area

Employees of HOKOKU 25 people out of 98 people are engaged in development work. They are challenged to new product development from both sides of the market-and product out. As an example, they have acquired apart from a major petroleum refining manufacturer of α-Olefin derivatives business in July 2013. They were for the first time lineup petrochemicals in HOKOKU. α-olefins future growth is expected to become a higher alcohol of the raw materials used in addition to the plasticizer and detergent to be used for such as a surfactant. They continue to meet the demands of customers taking advantage of the technology that was developed in vegetable oils and fats in the new area.

Future prospects
Pursuing the infinite possibilities of castor oil

Because there is a growing environmental awareness such as carbon dioxide emissions regulations, there is a growing alternative demand for low vegetable oil environmental impact from petrochemical feedstocks. Castor oil and its processed products for the manufacturing of HOKOKU Co., Ltd. has a risk that prices will vary depending on the situation of raw materials. However, they can contribute significantly to the development of environmentally friendly products because it is excellent to reduce the environmental impact on the global and reduction of effective use and carbon dioxide emissions of global environmental resources. They will continue to pursue the infinite possibilities of castor oil while capturing the changes in the external environment is also taking advantage of the development system one of the world's leading production facilities in the future.

HOKOKU Co., Ltd.
○Address:   4-170, Oihara, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0092, Japan
○TEL:   +81-(0)72-949-4121
○FAX:   +81-(0)72-949-9124
○Homepage:   http://www.hokoku-corp.co.jp
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