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Our manufacturing the fittings for glass door of the world wide
- Fittings of glass door -

It is a necessity for glass door - Our door fittings No.1 market share in Japan -

The glass door is apparent in commercial buildings and shops. We do not mind it usually. However, there are parts that cannot make the sure the glass is a glass door. It's metal parts such as doorknobs and hinge and hanging fittings, change to the door a piece of glass. Parts used in the glass door's variety, such as corner frame and center lock and door handle. DAIWA FACTORY Co., Ltd. is No.1 share overwhelmingly in Japan about on their hardware parts.

We were founded in 1950. We initially had little manufacturing brass casting. However, because the stainless steel has been popular, we have grown into a company that manufactures specializing in components required for glass door. We have been manufacturing parts for the three companies of glass manufacturers of current and Japan top class.

We have inherited an experienced technology
- About our manufacturing of the door fittings -

Parts used in the glass door's variety, such as corner frame and center lock and door handle. Type of component's infinite to considering the size and shape etc. Mass production of parts is difficult by the machine. The Number of lots is a few because automatic door is popular in recent years. Therefore, the production craftsmen done manually.

Many current door fittings are manufactured in stainless steel. Its production is likely to distortion during welding. Hence there is a need skilled technician to manufacture it. Also, fitting it must be safe and sturdy because supporting the glass door. In addition, must be beautiful also its design and appearance. Our craftsmanship is manufactured stunning door fittings inherited the many years of technological process. Our manufacturing the various parts are used in the glass door, such as major domestic building Grand Front Osaka and Haneda Airport and Tokyo Sky Tree. This is evidence of than what our products are high quality.

To the world From Yao - Brand of "Made in Japan" -

Why do we as No.1 in Japan?

"It becomes a niche industry in Japan, probably because the craftsman has decreased." Toshida President humbly answers. However, I can feel the effort that has earned the trust continues to meet the needs of customers in the made-to-order from his words.

Currently, they are based in Thailand in order to spread the door fittings to the world. The reason for based in Thailand, because the use of glass door often for a significant economic growth in Southeast Asia has been an increase in construction of office buildings and commercial facilities every year. In addition, since the power supply is unstable country still large, it was his thinkings that the future spread of automatic door there is a slow possibility. Toshida president was attention, it's Thai feelings for Made In Japan. Southeast Asia of people has confidence in Japanese products for doing business Japanese companies many in there. Door fittings of DAIWA FACTORY are safe, high-quality and safe. It was the same with their image.

They carry on business for the companies that want to get high quality goods even at a relatively high cost for a resort hotel and Condominium in addition to building and commercial facilities. Chinese-made door bracket is likely to break at 1-2 years. But DAIWA FACTORY’s products there are a useful strength of 10-20 years. DAIWA FACCTORY is corresponding support such as quality assurance and follow-up by office in Thailand. Therefore, people in Thailand have come to gradually attention with confidence.

People in Thailand for the first time ordered to them in they started full-fledged operating activities first year (January 2014). It is still 100 retail orders. However, Nishida President has a bright face. He said, "That we could do is still a lot considering the size of the world market."

“To the world From Yao”. DAIWA FACTORY's challenge has just begun.

○Address:   3-87, Takefuchi, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0052, Japan
○TEL:   +81-(0)6-6708-9406
○FAX:   +81-(0)6-6706-1339
○Homepage:   http://www.daiwass.co.jp/
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