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Their dielectric heating technology is the world top level
Thermal therapy (hyperthermia) devices

They're Japanese top share companies of the industrial dielectric heater

Dielectric heating techniques are RF and microwave heating to be made to insulators of friction molecules that make up each other and the collision vibration different things with invisible force and by self-heating by such as wood or plastic by an electric field activity of the it is to be a technology. They were practically the applied technology of dielectric heating in various fields.
They focused on the excellent characteristics such as It can be selected heating local to be able in a short time uniformly heating and It heating efficient temperature control is easydielectric heating. And they succeeded in commercialization of such as wood bonding machine, wood dryer, frozen fooddecompression devices, PVC welding machines and cancer hyperthermia treatment device. They are proud of the 40 percent of the Japanese market share in the industrial dielectric heater market. Once the dielectric heater market leading companies also entered, where a dozen companies had been competing. But leading manufacturer was gradually withdrawn from the niche market of 10 billion yen per year. Currently, manufacturers have been manufacturing, industrial dielectric heating machine has become a several companies about. They aim to create products with added value that cannot be anyone to specialize in product development in the field, and they survived in the industry business continuity is difficult. After that, customers in various fields and requested the product to take advantage of them to dielectric heating. They accumulated know-how to continue responding to their difficult demands. Their application technology is the world top level by now.

They're the only manufacturer to make cancer hyperthermia therapy (hyperthermia) equipment in Japan

Their industrial dielectric heating equipment is being used in the industry of Including PVC processed products, building materials, textile, auto parts, furniture, medical equipment, food, such as about 40. They are widely used in heating, drying, thawing, sterilization and treatment. Hyperthermia treatment of cancer, which is the world's first developed among them (hyperthermia) devices "Samotoron -RF8" has become an opportunity for them to leap forward.
This product them and Kyoto University School of Medicine jointly developed. It was finally completed invested also in research and development expenses 2.5 billion yen in eight years. Characterized in Samotoron is to necrosis by warming the cancer cells that are vulnerable to heat 43 degrees, the normal cells surrounding can be kept below 40 degrees. It has almost no side effects unlike other cancer treatments, and it can be used in combination with a variety of other treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Therefore, it's a breakthrough device that can be adapted to the treatment of terminal cancer. They were in the limelight of the world with the development of this thermal treatment device (hyperthermia). And they won the Science and Technology Minister Award in 1988. Currently they are the only domestic manufacturer, and they have delivered it, such as the national university hospitals and national hospitals total more than 200 units.

Future prospects

They are for the domestic market share companies, the inheritance of their dielectric heating technology is also important for the development of the industry. Most of their products are made of made-to-order. It is manufactured by hand in every single with a small number of technical personnel group. Therefore, many specialized high-frequency devices that cannot be made only by them. The Frequency oscillator for oscillating high-frequency energy is constituted by a large three-dimensional circuitry to be configured in such an electron tube.
It requires rubbing technique during assembly, and it will not be complete if incorporate the procedure that is determined a component such as a semiconductor on a printed circuit board of the plane as the electronic apparatus. Artisans, it is necessary to finely adjust the angle of the winding and built-in coil is worked all the senses. The company is, there are two artisans chosen to Osaka engineers award system "master craftsman of Naniwa". They are such as to act to become young technicians and a pair, it is inherited by the young technology and skills through practice in the field.
In addition, they are doing the training in order to share the spirit and management philosophy of the founding of all employees. And they introduced a "future leader system" in order to have with a high point of view by the young from the early 40's, 30's, they are committed to the executive candidate training of the next generation.
They will not be avoided competitive with foreign products in the future. However, they stick to high quality made in Japan (Made in Yao), it plans to go to create a new device that matches the era. Their motto is "always move forward even one step". They have the know-how of cultivated dielectric heating technology in the development and many years of research. They respond to the difficult demands of customers who asked one after another in the future using it. And they move forward to the future and the market of the company together with the customer.

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