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We maintain the railway safety and security by quality assurance
- Conductor's switch, Safety control switch for closing doors -

Daiko Electric Co., Ltd.
Our Conductor's switch and Safety control switch for closing doors boasts a high market share in the Shinkansen of Japan Railway

The conductor's switch is well known to people who like a train. It's a device for the motorman and conductor of the train is to open and close the door. The safety control switch for closing doors is attached to every single door of the train. It's a device that senses the opening and closing of the door. Daiko Electric Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing them switch.

Their switch boasts a high market share in Japan Railway and each private railway in Japan. Japan Railway the latest N700 series from the 0-system all of the Shinkansen is equipped with a product of Daiko Electric Co., Ltd. It's a thing of proof that their switch is an important safety component of the railway is trusted.

Daiko Electric Co., Ltd. was established in June 1947. The parts of railway vehicle were not enough by the war. Founder who had been working in the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau was produced themselves it. Since then, they have supported the "safety" of the railway.

Their development, production systems and quality assurance have kept the railway safety

Recently, state-of-the-art railway vehicle is born one after another. Under such circumstances, because Daiko Electric has responded to the concerns and demands of the railway company, the customer satisfied with their service. For example, tell the truth, "train dedicated wiper" does not exist, the railway company has been diverted to purchases wiper for the bus. Recently, however, the shape of the train driver's front face of the window glass is complicated, because it is more the speed of the train is also fast, the wiper of the bus has become difficult to correspond. Therefore they are designed and remodeled the wiper to be able to correspond to the high-speed running of 110 ~ 120km/h in-house.

Their production system, it can respond to multi-varieties and small lot production. They are taking advantage of the various processing equipment and their skilled technology, is doing the design, processing, assembly and inspection of the product in-house. Mass transport to the railway is assumed, they also be manufactured safely good part from one screw. The other, they are creating high-precision parts by it to make a wide variety of jig. Main plant has been a cramped aging advances to stand nearly 70 years. They got off to a fresh start does its reconstruction in February 2013. The quality assurance system of their plant, has been appointed by vibration tester and durability testing machine, universal tensile testing machine, cold test machine, projector, etc. various testing machines. Other, they decided the personal color for each person in charge, important screws and tighten the screws on their color. Whereby we can see whether who closed the screw. Their quality control is not a compromise at all. Railway companies and parts manufacturers appreciate them. Train of life is also 50 years and the long ones from 40 years, they are long life, and low maintenance is required. Railway parts many exist one point by producing for specification changes for each type of vehicle. They launched a design department from established early in order to cope with them, have built precisely meet the needs of the system customer.

Future Development

Human resources, support their production. Therefore, skills of young talent’s future challenge. Mainstay members 30s of each department, the manufacturing site are young and the 28-year-old average age. To extend their respective force, becomes the driving force of high manufacturing value-added.

They are dealing with railway companies, vehicle manufacturers and parts manufacturers in Japan. They correspond to a wide variety of needs of each company and each region. They think important to scoop out the needs of customers in order to become a permanent development company. They one by one carefully respond in various aspects such as quality, price and delivery time to the needs of the customer. It is also in their appeal point. They sincerely support the needs of customers, while protecting the quality of the product, they will continue to support the safety and security of the railway in the future.

Daiko Electric Co., Ltd.
○Address:   1-1-53, Minamitaishido, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0056, Japan
○TEL:   +81(0)72-994-3251
○FAX:   +81(0)72-991-0096
○Homepage:   http://www.daikou-denki.co.jp/index.htm
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