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Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) is completed 20,000 per hour!
- Fully automatic Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) baking machine -

- Fully automatic Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) baking machine -

Fully automatic Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) baking machine of YAMADA MACINERY can produce up to 2 million pieces of Takoyaki in one hour. The fully automatic Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) baking machine is mainly delivered to the frozen food factory in Japan. It has been on display in stores, such as supermarkets as a takoyaki pack of frozen food. In addition, this machine mostly makes takoyaki of Japanese eateries. Their products in the Japan market share accounted for 95%, other companies in the same industry's only one company in Kyushu. The company's founding in 1927, they were producing the type of casting to be used when you bake the Japanese sweets, such as Senbei and Monaka. They advanced in the field of food automatic machine with demand decline of Japanese sweets. And they received a request from the source manufacturer 27 years ago, taking advantage of the know-how of the mold making, it has embarked on the development of fully automatic takoyaki baking machine. They are in the production of Takoyaki, and stir the dough, was molded, by automating the entire process such as bake, was delivered Unit 1 to the leading frozen food manufacturer. In addition, frozen food technology has begun to improve since then. They delivered a fully automatic machine to all the leading frozen food manufacturers in the next five years. They became the pioneer that makes up their own market.

They are all manufactured in made-to-order

Yamada MACINERY is not without creating a standard machine. Because they're for making made to order specifically for the machine customers demand. Whereby they aim to improve the technical capabilities that other companies cannot follow be aware of the discrimination of the foreign products by the constant technological innovation and progress. Total length 14 m, overall width 2.8 m, height 2.3 m, in order to make the baking machine completed one of this magnitude, for employees 20 people make up over a period of 3 months, cost down and speed up challenge it. They are exploring for solving problems such as to start initiatives such as outsourcing some of the work.

Future Development

In the future, as the prospect of full automatic takoyaki baking machine, because their products are delivered to nearly all of the frozen food manufacturers in Japan, it is the degree to which the machine of replacement demand is generated not be expected that new demand. The Chinese food factories there are a demand for 2-3 years. However, they are frozen food factory for export frozen takoyaki all in Japan. In Southeast Asia there is the demand have been sold frozen octopus in the convenience store. Their products are growing as Southeast Asia and Brazil of the market often Nikkei is expected.

Quality of Takoyaki is water, flour, egg, and may differ from case to make because of differences of raw materials, such as in Japan. They in order to cope with this; have been developing a milling company and to collaborate to flour suitable for the characteristics of its automatic machine.

They track record of Japanese sweets baking machine of senbei and Manju and full automatic baking machine of takoyaki and okonomiyaki is extensive. They are promoting the development of confectionery baking machine, such as crepes and tarts, to expand sales by taking advantage of the technology. It would be expected they leap in the confectionery field in the future.

IH crepe baking machine

IH crepe baking machine

At our manufacturing crepe shop

At our manufacturing crepe shop

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