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Golf is changed by the grip Grip of Golf Club "IOMIC"

Yokozuna Kasei Co., Ltd.
"IOMIC" has brought a revolution in golf

People have evolved a golf club in order to enhance a more stretched the distance and more stability. Head of the golf club was originally made of wood. And the material became titanium via steel metal. The shaft will be made of steel from wood, it has also been making carbon products. The golf club has been changing along with the advancement of technology. However, the grip is the only important part of contacts with people, and it is, while there is also a big affect parts ballistic blur, it has been neglected.

Yokozuna Kasei Co., Ltd. is focused on its grip. They have developed a grip "IOMIC" and attention to color as well as material. Golfers were interested in its performance and colorful appearance.

Development secret story

They have been mainly manufacturing the grip to be used in agricultural machinery and construction machinery. However, since the inexpensive foreign products have increased, they have developed a unique product for expansion and performance maintenance. Their president has a golf hobby. They received a production request of grip for professional golfers from acquaintance through it.

The mainstream of traditional grip was made of rubber. Originally mixing carbon into the white rubber makes in order to increase the strength of the grip it. Therefore, the color of the grip was almost black. So they embarked on the development of the golf club for grip and taking advantage of the processing technology of favorite soft material. They worked for the development of raw materials along with the major chemical manufacturers. And they were allowed to complete the color grip using a special elastomer. Its grip "IOMIC" got a great evaluation from professional golfers around the world.

For all golfers

The share of "IOMIC" is a 20% to 25% of the golf grip. It's 90 percent of the market share that's color grip. They are collecting data using, for example, Grip torque measurement Machine, swing robots and ultra-high-speed camera developed in-house. They are based on those data, durable, soft grip, comfortable and firm texture, etc. reduces torque (twisting) at the time of impact, and evolving the various points. The number of times I now more than a dozen times. They will strive to realize a stable trajectory of the golfer.

Their future direction

Their headquarters factory has built a system that can also correspond to small lot orders (more than 10 lines) from the user. Grip body 12 colors, grip end 14 colors and color variations also abundant. They have been manufacturing "IOMIC" also stuck to the preference of the golfer as well as performance. It is used at a high utilization in professional golfers around the world, such as professional players using the "IOMIC" is to win the tour, its popularity has improved every day. Their representative is considered to be "further enhance the brand power, want to compete in the world". They will future to further evolve "IOMIC".

Yokozuna Kasei Co., Ltd.
○Address:   1-2-46, Atobe Minaminocho, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0055, Japan
○TEL:   +81(0)72-994-1221
○FAX:   +81(0)72-994-1223
○Homepage:   http://iomic.com/
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