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Applied Chemical Technology of the thermoplastic resin using plant starch  - It to be applied to stationery and cosmetics and fragrance with plastic -

Fuekinori kogyo Co., Ltd.
Applied Chemistry technology of plant starch has been accumulated in the development by Fuekinori

"Fueki starch glue" has entered the container of cute animals. It is often used in childhood in Japan. A company that manufactures and develops its "Fueki starch glue" is in Yao City.

Fuekinori Kogyo's stationery and office supplies manufacturer with a focus on glue products, they are known for "Fueki kun" of animal glue. "Fuekinori" is a product name of "rot not glue" the first of Japan. It was developed in 1895 in order to meet the needs of housewives of "glue rot immediately." After that, it is the risk of carcinogenic in formalin, which has been used to maintain antiseptic effect and stability of the glue has been pointed out in the country. They wanted to develop the glue that children can be used with confidence. And they piled improvements such as to change the start of the studies of non-formalin to the safe and secure raw materials ahead of the industry. And they finally succeeded in the development of "Fuekinori" of cornstarch 100% non-formalin took in '17 to studies in 1981. Their products are reference values of JIS standard has been achieved. But they aimed a commitment thoroughly safe and secure in formalin zero. They accumulated Applied Chemistry technology of plant starch in the development process of "Fuekinori". And they other starch glue, solid glue, calligraphy liquid, and cosmetics, drawing material for infant childcare, writing instruments such as building mechanical pencil, marker has produced new products.

They most recently have focused on the development of eco-plastic. Eco Plastic material in the plastics industry has attracted attention polylactic acid of plant origin. But they are promoting the research and development of thermoplastic resin using a cultivated plant starch itself as a raw material in Fuekinori.

New products using plant starch paste-manufacturing technology

1) Clear folder that can be printed with an ink jet printer

Historically, printing to clear folder was needed a dedicated printing machine. If you want to print such as a company name or logo on the clear folder, it had no choice but to entrust a large lot in a professional skilled in the art. They made an effort to try to eliminate the inconvenience. And they succeeded in developing a clear folder that can be printed with an ink jet printer for the home by using a blend technology developed in the course of the development of starch paste. As a result, small businesses and general, individuals can now easily create an original clear folder. This clear folder, such as winning a gold medal at the exhibition of stationery relationship, which was held in the summer of 2014, it has also obtained external evaluation.

2) Eco-plastic scented (deodorant)

They succeeded in the development of a thermoplastic resin using a plant starch can add aroma and deodorizing components taking advantage of the aroma retention properties by the use of plant starch. (Patent application in August 2013) First, they began the production in 2014 autumn as filament for the 3D printer. In the future, it can be expected, such as a variety of applications to take advantage as scented of fiber by the cut in the wire diameter of the plastic one-micron.

Other new products

24 kinds of fragrance can enjoy lip cream

They were developed by taking advantage of the know-how to add a manufacturing technology and the smell of glue stick "Fresh Peach", "Cassis cocktail" such as 24 kinds of fragrance can enjoy lip cream. They entrusted the feeling that to choose by mood aroma to the user in the product name. And they started the sales from October 2014 under the trade name of "lip buffet".

Future prospects

They think this. "We want to make a paste that does not rot for housewives" and "We want to make a paste that can be used with confidence for the children." They began product development by such sincerity. And they have developed know-how to continue with tenacious studies has produced a product with a new value continue to accumulate. In addition, they are aimed at the development of new products by Applied Chemistry technology of thermoplastic resin using a plant starch. Fuekinori Kogyo continue to develop new products, even celebrated its 130 years. We want to focus on their future trends.

Fuekinori kogyo Co., Ltd.
○Address:   2-62, Takefuchihigashi, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0053, Japan
○TEL:   +81(0)6-6709-3735
○FAX:   +81(0)6-6707-3231
○Homepage:   http://www.fueki.co.jp/
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