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They also wound famous fiber to be active in winter - Paper tube for various fibers -

Tanaka Paper Tube Co., Ltd.
They have a market share greater than 50% in Japan fiber paper tube

Do you know the "paper tube"? Paper tube is made of paper mandrel for winding the yarn, paper, film and seals. Tanaka paper tube Co., Ltd. in Yao City's specialized manufacturer of paper tubes. They have a market share greater than 50% in Japan fiber paper tube. They were founded in 1911. They have a lot of business partners. It is a wide range of such major synthetic fiber manufacturers and spinning companies and film and printing industries. The customers are demanding them high quality paper tube. However, they are in response to those demands has a reputation as the "Tanaka of technology".

Paper tube is required for strength and institutions. Fiber is wound up by the rotation of the speed of the bullet train par of 5,000 meters in one minute by the paper tube. Then, the paper tube was a challenge to damage per iron plate of the winding machine. However, they were achieved by the strength, to study the combination of paper and adhesive years. Paper tube accuracy is also important. It is also possible to wind the thin fibers than the hair. Therefore, the fibers become defective and hits the corners of the paper tube. They solve the problem is to smooth the corner is subjected to plastic surface processed into a paper tube. They were able to meet the demand by many years of struggle and technology. Secret that they have exceeded the Japan market share of 50% in paper tubes for fiber's its technical capabilities. A leading apparel manufacturer and a major synthetic fiber maker jointly developed, there is a popular fiber in the familiar in winter. Paper tube of the fiber also a product of Tanaka paper tube.

They have a lot of unique technology.

Tanaka paper tube Co., Ltd. has developed a paper tube manufacturing machinery in-house. They have patented a paper tube-manufacturing machine at the beginning of the Showa. They are exporting their machinery to overseas such as Asia, including India. They continued to do the trial and error its inception from the material, arrange to how to make. However, they were focused on ingenuity in order to meet the demands of customers up to the present from the time of its founding.

They are made with a knife processing dedicated NC machine tools with improved in-house without outsourcing the blade to cut a groove in the paper tube. Their depth of cut of the blade material and the shape and the paper tube is properly used by such thickness and the thickness and characteristics of the fibers wound. They are stuck to blade cut machine and not only the take-up of technology.

Future prospects

The customers to request them to take-up of strength and precision. They not only paper, yarn, will respond to customer requests for winding various things.
 For example, they are patented in Japan by employing a structure called an inside pull type for winding the carbon fibers. Inside pull type perforation of the cut is in the diagonal to the paper tube. Therefore, it may be removed from the inside by the pieces of the paper pipe. It was developed particularly for winding a large carbon fiber having fineness in a state that will not cause problems during use. And it has contributed greatly to the use of carbon fiber, which spread the playing field as a cutting-edge material in civil engineering such as a wide range of fields in addition to the aerospace industry and ships and vehicles such as airplane-rocket. Market paper tube will further expand in the future with the technology of Tanaka paper tube.

Tanaka Paper Tube Co., Ltd.
○Address:   6-88, Oihara, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0092, Japan
○TEL:   +81(0)72-992-5111
○FAX:   +81(0)72-992-5180
○Homepage:   http://www.tanakapt.co.jp/
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