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Common sense that polystyrene foam burns by their technology overturned. - Karukku -

Eiwa Matex Co., Ltd.
The burning not Styrofoam !?

Styrofoam melts and burns well. However, Eiwa Matex Co., Ltd. overturned the common sense.

Styrofoam feature's following; 1) well-insulation, 2) exhibit low water absorption, 3) The moisture permeability's moderate, 4) It can profiled, 5) Its price is cheap. However, it is also combines the major weakness that very flammable.

Semipermanent theme of the construction industry's "non-combustible of plastic and Styrofoam" in terms of safety and security. Conventional non-combustible technology of polystyrene foam, which had been working to resolve in a way that captures the flame retardant in the polymer was limited in that way. In such a situation, they will not burn and to explore solutions (less flammable) styrofoam: successful commercialization of the "Karukku". They molded it a special coating to every grain of Styrofoam beads. As a result, it was clear the grade of the highest flame-retardant plastic material flammability test. Karukku fuming very little at the time of flame, shapeless also not cause, there is no occurrence of toxic gas. And the processing, which can be molded into objects of various shapes by molding machine generally, used for foam molding.

It was adopted to firefighters helmet

Tokyo Fire Department was adopted by focusing on its features. In the conventional polystyrene foam when the fire fighting at the time of a massive fire there was a safety problem. Because melts inside of the Styrofoam helmet of firefighters by high temperature. Thereby extinguishing rescue trouble is out to Note and members of the life are danger. Normal Styrofoam melts and burns in a few seconds and brings the flame. But "Karukku" of Eiwa Matex surface charring but does not melt even if exposed to fire more than eight minutes. Tokyo Fire Department tried high overseas products of heat resistance in the past, but it was that it became a heavy and rejected. They and the leading helmet manufacturers have jointly developed a burning not helmet is lightly used Karukku. It was matched to market needs. And it is the Tokyo Fire Department and were employed in four places out of the Fire Department of the country.

They transmit the technology to the world from Yao City

The company's Ueda president previously was a bank clerk. He was interested in the manufacturing industry by encounters with people of various companies at that time. And he founded the company, which is a predecessor of the Eiwa Matex By met patented technology to become Karukku of the original. He began the studies of the practical with the support from partner companies. Development of products has difficulties They succeeded in its commercialization to give the understanding's assistance to continue strongly research stickiness. However, the product it did not sell immediately. Its products people's attention gathered summarized in the technology by that it has been adopted to the Fire Department of the four locations mentioned above. In the future, they are expected to adopt expanded Karukku to fire departments across the country.

Their products have been adopted by the fire department to determine the safety of the world's top level. Thereby it is expected to adopt in the world not only in Japan but in the future. Furthermore, it markets are expanding from being introduced to automotive and motorcycle racing industry of the world by leading helmet manufacturers. In addition, the demand for strong ceiling material to moisture in the lightweight and flame retardant is growing due to the revision of the Japanese Building Standards Law. In the future, their product has been expected to be applied in various fields.

Eiwa Matex Co., Ltd.
○Address:   4-1-7, Kamiocho, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0851, Japan
○TEL:   +81(0)72-928-4888
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