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Shinnihon-Kohki Co., Ltd. Our company performs speedy metal sheet laser processing and YAG laser processing.
Solid Tool Co., Ltd. A Carbide Tool Maker that Brings About a Revolution at the Manufacturing Site
STG co.,ltd. We can produce integrated casting from magnesium casting to finishing. In addition, we have three bases in Japan, China and ASEAN countries. Therefore, we can offer customers the best choice in quality, delivery time and cost.
Sunlight Kasei, Co., Ltd. *Unified System from Molded/Pressed Prototypes to Mass Production and Assembly *Overseas Production Die/Parts Procurement and Technological Assistance System
Takashima Industries Co., Ltd. Please consult us about any kind of metal surface treatments.
Takumi Seimitsu Bankin Seisakusho, Ltd. Send Your Precision Sheet Metal Prototypes to Takumi Seimitsu Bankin
TOKUPI CO., LTD. We design and manufacture industrial-use high-pressure pumps and related application products.
YAO KANAAMI CO., LTD. We perform unified manufacturing or processed products and filters that require high degrees of precision from raw materials.


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