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From lost wax casting to product processing, we do it all. Inquiries to this Company Japanese

Metal Products Manufacturing
Misawo Seiko Ltd. 

Various pump parts, seal coat thickness test equipment parts, ratchet tie down strap parts, processing tank ferrules, lost wax casting, casting
We strive to meet our customers' needs with a range of services, from lost wax casting, supplies and material, to the complete products in various metals.
Due to the proprietary nature of this information, we cannot disclose this.
If something breaks, we can fix it. If we want something, we can make it. Misawo Seiko Ltd., always creating, past, present, and future.
As professionals in the manufacturing industry, we create a trusting relationship with our customers, grow with them, and help society to develop.
Thanks to our partner company in Dailan, China, we are able to offer great products for a reasonable price.
Technical Area Information
Processing Technologies  Divided into Three Manufacturing Categories: Materials, Processing and Manufacturing
MaterialsProcessing TechnologiesProcessingProducts and Uses
Stainless steel cast metal, lost wax castingMachine processing with the precision of ±0.015 from materials, buffing, electropolishing, keyway, surface polishing・Cast
・Machined, Ground or Polished
・Screw and Hole Processing
・Surface Processing 2 (Coating, Polishing, Etc.)
Pump parts
S50C steel lost wax castingProcessing from materials, induction hardening, chrome plating・Cast
・Machined, Ground or Polished
・Surface Processing 1 (Plating)
・Heat Treated
Tools for machine removal
From nylon to metalPlate working, machine processing, assembling, painting, machine parts procurement・Sheet Metal Processing, Canning, Bending or Cutting
・Machined, Ground or Polished
・Screw and Hole Processing
・Surface Processing 1 (Plating)
・Surface Processing 2 (Coating, Polishing, Etc.)
・Assembly and Wiring
・Other Plastic Processing
Film thickness testing equipment
Stainless steel ring forgingΦ500 ring of thickness 20, flange processing・Cast
・Machined, Ground or Polished
Rings for sealing drum can lids
Final Products  Products that Utilize the Commodity Items and Technologies Possessed
PumpMain units・Precision Machinery
PumpParts・Precision Machinery
Film thickness testing equipmentMechanical parts・Precision Machinery
Metal hardware removal machineFixture parts・Processed Metal Goods
Metal hardware sealing the drum can lidsBracing hardware・Processed Metal Goods
Manufacturing Capabilities
Machinery and Equipment Possessed
Machine NameProcessing CapabilitiesNumber of Machines
NC hybrid latheΦ2~Φ3507 Units
NC latheΦ20~Φ5004 Units
Machining center (No.40)410 x 900 x 5703 Units
Surface polishing machine850 x 4002 Units
Cylinder polishing machineΦ200 x 3001 Unit
Coordinate measuring machine1 Unit
Surface roughness measuring instrument1 Unit
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
Thanks to our partner company in Dailan, China, we are able to obtain irregular-shaped products (lost wax, materials for casting) and forging materials easily, allowing us to keep costs low. We specialize in various work, from small lot manufacturing to mass production.
We also take orders for raw materials.
Company Infomation
Address 8-148-11, Otashinmachi, Yao Ciry, Osaka 581-0039, Japan
TEL +81-(0)72-920-2771
FAX +81-(0)72-920-2772
Representatives Takeshi Tsukida
Date of Establishment 1958
Capital 3,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 13 people
Industry Metal Products Manufacturing
URL http://www.misawo.com


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