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We're good at boring processing and thick plate using the index of the roll and shaft of 1m ~ 2m (T200 × 500 × 2000).
Additional We mainly received a request from the universities and research institutes, also challenged the 1mm or less of processing, such as laboratory equipment.
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Metal Products Manufacturing

1) All employees
2) Large machining center (1m angle product processing Allowed)
3) Suction roll (30,000 precision drilling)
4) Testing machine parts (the whole process within the work)
5) High-speed camera parts (3D CAD processing)
6) 50μ hole drilling to the sharp pen core
Table Cross-head of the tension-fatigue testing machine
Collet spindle portion of the glass fiber winder
Anvil portion of hygiene products manufacturing machine
Transport portion of the semiconductor device
Experimental apparatus of biological experiments (made to order)
We precision machining of the above long-axis product and plank it is good. In the other we have delivered also following microfabrication product 1mm to such as university research institutions.
Iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, cast metal (iron, aluminum, stainless steel), die-cast Lost Wax
Some resins, carbon, titanium, resin, and more
[Workable range]
Lathe maximum diameter: φ300 total length 3000L
Machining Center (Vertical): X = 2050 Y = 850 Z = 750 (simultaneous 4-axis)
(Horizontal): X = 1050 Y = 800 Z = 880
Microfabrication: 50-micron hole
Shimadzu Corporation.
DAIHEN Corporation.
Tokin-System Co., ltd.
Kyoto University.
Japan Atomic Energy Agency.
And more.
* We offer products and services that satisfy our customers by increasing the technology of MONOZUKURI strive to develop new technologies
* We will contribute to the prosperity of society through the fusion of nature and people and technology is aware of the social mission of the company. Whereby we will seek the happiness of employees and prosperity of society.
* We will form a bright human population full of creativity and vitality to grow them by respecting the individuality of employees.
Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry: Certification of specific research and development (2006)
Skills Test: 1 and 2 grade Holders: 3 people
"Osaka Manufacturing Excellence Company Award (2013)" award
Technical Area Information
Processing Technologies  Divided into Three Manufacturing Categories: Materials, Processing and Manufacturing
MaterialsProcessing TechnologiesProcessingProducts and Uses
Thick plates of ironThick plates of iron・Machined, Ground or Polished・ Machined, Ground or Polished
Round bar of ironTolerance ± 0.05 of the outer diameter Φ850・Machined, Ground or Polished・ Machined, Ground or Polished
StainlessThe processed holes of Φ0.05mm drill・Machined, Ground or Polished・ Machined, Ground or Polished
Iron, stainless steel, aluminumOverall length tolerances ± 0.01 mm of "Φ300 × 800L"・Machined, Ground or Polished・ Machined, Ground or Polished
AluminumInner diameter tolerances 0.015mm of "Φ280 × 1300L"・Machined, Ground or Polished・ Machined, Ground or Polished
Final Products  Products that Utilize the Commodity Items and Technologies Possessed
Tensile testerTable / crosshead・Measuring Instruments
Glass fiber winderCollet / spindle・Precision Machinery
Hygiene products manufacturing machineAnvil・Precision Machinery
Semiconductor deviceConveyance unit・Precision Machinery
Automotive brake inspection equipmentRoller・Measuring Instruments
Film making machineStretching roll・Precision Machinery
Axle load scaleThe sensor unit・Measuring Instruments
Manufacturing Capabilities
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
We are manufactured separately most of the product. Therefore, production capacity will vary by congestion in the factory.
Machinery and Equipment Possessed
Machine NameProcessing CapabilitiesNumber of Machines
NC lathe (Yamazaki Mazak / M5 · M4)Amount of movement: Swing over bed: φ610 Maximum turning length: 3000mm Rotational speed: 35 ~ 2200rpm Number of tools: 8 + 6 4 Units
NC lathe (Mori Seiki / TL-40)Swing over bed: φ620 Swing over carriage: φ480 Maximum turning diameter: φ420 Maximum turning length: 3000mm Rotational speed: 35 ~ 3500rpm Auto touched stop: 21 Unit
NC lathe (Yamazaki Mazak / QUICH TURNNEXUS 400-NⅡM)Maximum of swing: φ845 Swing over carriage: φ580 Maximum turning length: 2000mm Amount of movement: X = 340mm Y = 2120mm Chak Size: 12 inches Through-hole: φ132 Rotary tool: 4000rpm Drill: φ23 End mill: φ25 Tap: M24 x 31 Unit
NC lathe (Okuma / LB400)Maximum turning diameter: φ660 Maximum turning length: 1250mm Rotational speed: 3500rpm1 Unit
Vertical machining center (Yamazaki Mazak / M655)Amount of movement: X = 2000 Y = 650 Z = 650 Simultaneous 4-axis (index) Through coolant Tool: BT50: 30 present Rotational speed: 6000rpm The maximum loading weight: 2000Kg2 Units
Vertical machining center (Mori Seiki / NV5000α1B / 40)Amount of movement: X = 1020 Y = 510 Z = 510 Maximum speed: 14,000rpm Tool shank: BT40 dihedral restraint: 30 lines1 Unit
Vertical machining center (Okuma / MILLAC-852V)X = 2050 Y = 850 Z = 750 Simultaneous 4-axis (index)1 Unit
Vertical machining center (Okuma / MB-56VA)X = 1050 Y = 560 Z = 460 Spindle: 15,000 rotation specification Simultaneous 4-axis (index)1 Unit
Vertical machining center (FANUC / α-T14-i-ELe)X = 700 Y = 400 Z = 330 Spindle speed: 8000rpm Tool format: NC Simultaneous 4-axis (index) Center through coolant3 Units
Vertical machining center (Yamazaki Mazak / SV-20)Amount of movement: X = 1500 Y = 635 Z = 5501 Unit
Horizontal machining center (Yamazaki Mazak / H-500-NAmount of movement: X = 710 Y = 650 Z = 650 Processing diameter φ700 Tool shank BT-50 tool number forty 4-axis (index) Through coolant1 Unit
Horizontal machining center (OKK / HM63)Amount of movement: X = 1000 Y = 850 Z = 820 Cutting diameter: φ1000 Tool shank: BT-50: Number of tools: to 120 High pressure through coolant 6 pallets1 Unit
Horizontal machining center (Yamazaki Mazak / FH-6800)Amount of movement: X = 1050 Y = 800 Z = 880 630 angle: maximum loading weight: 1500Kg Maximum speed: 10,000rpm Tool shank: BT50: 80 present NC rotary Stands for tables Automatic tool length measurement Spindle through coolant 3-dimensional measurement function (touch sensor) 2 palettes1 unit
Horizontal machining center (Yamazaki Mazak / FH-6000)X = 800 Y = 800 Z = 800 Amount of movement: X = 800 Y = 800 Z = 800 Maximum work size: φ900 Pallet loading weight: 1000Kg Shank: BT50: the number of tools: 160 present Rotational speed: 35 ~ 10000rpm Through coolant (15Kgf) NC Rotary Fully automatic tool length measurement function and tool breakage detection function 3-dimensional measurement function (touch sensor) 12 pallets1 unit
High-speed machining center (Sodick / MC430L)X = 420 Y = 350 Z = 200 40000 Rotation: Linear drive: resolution 30nm There is a fine movement and 1G acceleration or more and ± 1μ following positioning accuracy by using a linear motor. Processing of high hardness material, can be ultra-precise finish.1 unit
Wire cut (FANUC / α-0i)320 x 220 x 1801 unit
High-speed small hole machine (Sodick / K1C)X = 200 Y = 300 Z = 300 Drilling capacity: φ0.25 ~ φ3mm Flame cutting material, hardened steel, super steel1 unit
High-speed small hole machine (Sodick / K1C)X = 200 Y = 300 Z = 300 Drilling capacity: φ0.25 ~ φ3mm Flame cutting material, hardened steel, super steel1 unit
CNC cylindrical grinding machine (Shigiyaseikiseisakusho / GPH-30-150)φ300 x 1500L Simultaneous two-axis control CNC cylindrical grinding The minimum setting unit: φ0.00011 unit
Surface grinding machine (Okamoto Machine Tool / PSG-63DX)Amount of movement: X = 750 Y = 340 Z = 270 Water-cooled grindstone head: 0.1μ of the fine feed1 unit
CAD / CAM (Master Cam)Level 3 (full options): 2 Units Level 1 (3-axis rotation option): 1 Unit3 Units
CAD / CAM (Nazca / Hamamatsu Joint)Nazca MILL2 Units
CAD (Photo Ron)Zuno RAPID15 PRO Zuno RAPID 3D / 3D2 Units
3D CADSolid Works1 unit
CMM (SVA1000A-C7 / Tokyo Seimitsu)Measuring range: X-axis 850mm: Y axis 1000mm: Z-axis 600mm Table size: 1000 x 1810 The object to be measured maximum height: 770mm Maximum weight: 1000Kg1 unit
Microscope (Mori tec. / MS-804)50-400 times1 unit
Balance machine (HB-100B / Shimadzu Corporation)1 unit
CMM (SVA1000A-C7 / Tokyo Seimitsu)Measuring range: X-axis 850mm: Y axis 1000mm: Z-axis 600mm Table size: 1000 x 1810 The object to be measured maximum height: 770mm Maximum weight: 1000Kg1 unit
Fatigue testing machine (EHF-UV100K1-020 / Shimadzu Corporation)Testing capabilities: Dynamic / Static: 100 / 150Kn Strut effective Hirakihaba: 620mm Test space is wide, suitable for large real test, can be mounted to various tests at the time1 unit
Ultrasonic washing machine (UT-605S / Sharp)495 x 297 x 150 600W1 unit
Shot blast (RICH SOU TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD)TSA-117ABCD: cyclone blasting machine L1200 × W1200 × H10001 unit
General-purpose lathe2 Units
Welder2 Units
Drilling machine1 unit
Cutting machine1 unit
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
・ISO 90001  Acquisition:2004
・KES: Step 1
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
We can respond to the needs of quick delivery and small-lot order to have a manufacturing facility in-house. Most customers order for us now is a single item orders production.
And we have a base in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam Socialist Republic. Where it is also possible support of mass-produced products.
Company Infomation
Address 1-19-1, Fukueicho, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0844, Japan 581-0844, Japan
TEL +81(0)72-999-0448
FAX +81(0)72-999-9482
Representatives Akira Takayoshi
Date of Establishment 1965
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 27 people
Industry Metal Products Manufacturing
URL http://www.takayosi.co.jp


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