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Our Company Manufactures and Sells Industrial Use Rubber Utilizing a Wide Variety of Technologies and Engages in Soft-Ground Stabilization Inquiries to this Company Japanese

Rubber Products Manufacturing
Kinjo Rubber Co., Ltd. 

Company Overview

The Kinjo Rubber Company was the first in the world to develop waterproof rubber for shavers, and has also developed the technology to create traditionally difficult-to-manufacture non-damaging waterproof rubber inserts for cellular telephone battery covers. Our company continually engages in original product development, such as the development of special manufacturing methods making use of liquid rubber and compound resin/metal products. We also develop intellectual training toys made out silicon for safety and peace of mind, and use our unique engineering methods to contribute to soft-ground stabilization. In these ways the Kinjo Rubber Company displays its competence as a manufacturing enterprise.

*Waterproof Rubber for Waterproof Shavers: Pioneer (First in Japan)
*Brake Shoes for Competition-Use Bicycles, Competition-Use Swimming Goggles: Competition-Use, Professional-Use
*Rice Makers, Hot Water Pots, Microwave Packing: High Temperature Retention
*Copiers, FAX Machines, and Combination Printer Feed Rollers: Precision
*Biodegradable Fishing Lures: Environmental Conservation
*Soft-Ground Stabilization: We design, manufacture, design and maintain soft-ground stabilization materials, primarily focusing on castle boards
Industrial Rubber
The Kinjo Rubber Company was the first company in Japan to develop waterproof rubber for waterproof shaver vibrator units. We also produce biodegradable fishing lures, brake shoes for competition-use bicycles, temperature regulating packaging for rice cookers and microwave ovens, paper feed rollers for copiers, FAX machines and combination printers, and other products.

Civil Engineering
Soft-Ground Stabilization through the PDF Construction Method
Panasonic Group, Fuji Xerox, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Tiger Corporation, Hitachi Ltd., Shimano, Noritz, Yamagata Casio, Kajima Corporation, Taisei Corporation, Shimizu Corporation, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, East Nippon Expressway Company, Central Nippon Expressway Company, West Nippon Expressway Company
Our company possesses unique technologies that allow us to conduct business with and support top enterprises in every industrial field.
NHK 2004.6.29 Broadcast: Project X ""Haneda Airport Foundation Preparation""
Nippon TV 2004.5.21 Broadcast: ""Incredible Mysteries""
September 2010: Became a member of UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT
Technical Area Information
Final Products  Products that Utilize the Commodity Items and Technologies Possessed
Copiers, FAX Machines, and PrintersFeed Rollers for Copiers, FAX Machines, and Printers・Office Machinery
Rice Cookers, Washing Machines, Hot Water Pots, and Other ProductsPaking・Home Appliances
ETC Vehicle Recognition SensorsVehicle Recognition Sensors・Automobiles
Cellular TelephonesWaterproof Rubber for Antennas and Batteries・Communication Equipment
Mouse PadsMouse Pads・Computer Related Goods
HodokunWalkway Guides for the Sight Impaired・Other Products
Manufacturing Capabilities
Machinery and Equipment Possessed
Machine NameProcessing CapabilitiesNumber of Machines
Small Scale Automatic Direct Pressure Molding Machine60~120t19 Units
Large Scale Automatic Direct Pressure Molding Machine150~300t50 Units
Large Scale Vacuum Direct Pressure Molding Machine400t6 Units
Extremely Large Scale Direct Pressure Molding Machine1500t1 Units
Horizontal Injection Molding Machine35~75t9 Units
Vertical Injection Molding Machine150~200t6 Units
Horizontal/Vertical Dual-Purpose LIM Molding Machine75t1 Units
Two-Color Molding Machine1 Units
Special Insert Molding Machine3 Units
NC Control Cylindrical Grinder600L4 Units
Fully Automatic Cylindrical Grinder750L5 Units
NC Control Cylindrical Grinder750L1 Units
Fully Automatic Cylindrical Grinder1200L2 Units
Specialized Groove Processing Board2 Units
Horizontal Grinder1 Units
Silk Printing Machine3 Units
Specialized Printing Machine1 Units
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
34 Patents, 76 Utility Model Patents, 8 Design Rights, 12 Trademark Rights
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
・ISO 14001  Acquisition:2001
・ISO 9001  Acquisition:2002
Company Infomation
Address 1-4-25, Atobe Kita-no-Cho, Yao City, Osaka 581-0068, Japan
TEL +81-(0)72-992-2321
FAX +81-(0)72-993-7706
Representatives Taizo Ota
Date of Establishment 1936
Capital 80,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 294 people
Industry Rubber Products Manufacturing
URL http://www.kinjogomu.jp/


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