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Fifty years of excellence in the rubber industry. We are a manufacturer of practical compounds. Inquiries to this Company Japanese

Rubber Products Manufacturing
Shinko Co., Ltd. 

*In our kneading business we perform everything from the setting the mixture of the compound to satisfy the requirements of our customers to property confirmation testing. Our compounds have a 100% satisfaction rating from our customers.
*The MC radial tires manufactured at the Shinko Group Korea Factory are high spec, and inside Japan have a high-profile in the drag racing industry where stable high-speed functionality is demanded.
*High Dispersion Kneading of General-Use SBR, EP, and NBR Compounds and Special Fluoride and Fluorosilicone Compounds
*Compound Sales Destinations: Toyo Tire and Rubber, Dainichiseika Color & Chemical Manufacturing
*MC Tire Red Baron *Japan Motor Parts
*Bicycle Tire Sales Destination: Wholesale Companies Nationwide
Management Policy: Adhere to the company teachings, and through the skilled manufacture of rubber products create and refine ourselves. For the prosperity of the company create new values, receive the trust of our customers and contribute to society.
*1981: [Group Factory] Shinko Co., Ltd. Commendation from the Director of the Fukuoka Bureau of Commerce and Industry
*March 1998: [Group Factory] Shinko Co., Ltd. (Republic of Korea) Commendation from President Kim Dae-jung
*September 1999: [Group Factory] Jinzhou Shinko (People's Republic of China) Liaoning Province Jinzhou City 1st City Residents' Commendation
*October 2011: "Management Reform Plan" Recognized by Osaka Prefecture Under the Medium- and Small-Business Enterprise Activity Promotion Act
Technical Area Information
Final Products  Products that Utilize the Commodity Items and Technologies Possessed
Automobiles*Engine-Use Heat Resistant Packing *Wipers *Engine Mounts *Other Rubber Parts・Automobiles
Construction MachineryHydraulic Hoses・Transportation Machinery
WaterworksWaterworks and Sewer Packing・Other Products
Electrical WiresElectrical Wire Cover Tubes
BoardsElectronic Parts (Circuit Boards)・Home Appliances
AutomobilesUrethane Bumpers, Etc. (Urethane Parts)・Automobiles
Manufacturing Capabilities
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
*General-Use Rubber Compound Monthly Production: 400t *Kneaded Resin Monthly Production: 70t *Extrusions (Color Resin) Monthly Production: 40t *Kneaded Products (Color Rubber Compound) Monthly Production: 20t *Special Rubber Compound (Flourine) Monthly Production: 10t *Special Rubber Compound (Fluorosilicone) Monthly Production: 10t
Machinery and Equipment Possessed
Machine NameProcessing CapabilitiesNumber of Machines
No. 9 4WH (180L) Banbury Mixer180L: For Rubber Kneading1 Units
No. 6 (100L) Banbury Mixer90L: For Resin Kneading1 Units
Kneader (75L)For Color Rubber Kneading1 Units
26-Inch Variable Roll with Mill Blender1 Units
24-Inch Variable Roll with Mill Blender1 Units
22-Inch Variable Roll with Mill Blender1 Units
Speed-Adjustable 18-InchRollFor Fluorine and Silicon Rubber1 Units
18-InchRoll5 Units
16-InchRoll2 Units
14-InchRoll1 Units
Batch-Off Machine3 Units
Metal Detector4 Units
Rubber Material Automatic Cutting Machine2 Units
Quantitative Cutter1 Units
Bar Code System4 Units
Powell ExtruderFor Chemical Batches1 Units
6-Inch Test RollerTesting Equipment1 Units
8-Inch Test RollerTesting Equipment1 Units
Rubber Hydraulic Pressing MachineFor Quality Testing2 Units
StrographFor Quality Testing2 Units
Rollerless RheometerFor Quality Testing2 Units
Disk RheometerFor Quality Testing1 Units
Mooney ViscometerFor Quality Testing3 Units
Electric GravitometerFor Quality Testing1 Units
Hardness Meter (Durometer)For Quality Testing2 Units
Aging Testers: 2 Types 3 UnitsFor Quality Testing1 Units
Desper Grader & Dispersion Tester (Made by Danisco USA)For Quality Testing1 Units
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
・*ISO 9001 Acquired 2000: Shinko Co., Ltd.; South Korea
*ISO 9001 Acquired 2002: Jinzhou Shinko; People's Republic of China
*ISO 9001 Acquired 2005: Shinko Co., Ltd.; Kyushu
*ISO 9001 Acquired 2009: Shinko Co., Ltd.; Osaka
*KSA900 100531 KES, Step (1) Acquired May 2009
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
*General Kneading: We are capable of handling everything from small lots (16L) to large lots (180L). Our company responds to the needs of our customers with short turnaround.
Company Infomation
Address 3-147, Takefuchi-higashi, Yao City, Osaka 581-0053, Japan
TEL +81-(0)6-6709-6661
FAX +81-(0)6-6709-6652
Representatives Yoshikazu Kanehara
Date of Establishment 1946
Capital 319,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 70 people
Industry Rubber Products Manufacturing


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