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Please consult with us for all of your electric heat needs. Inquiries to this Company Japanese

Electric Machinery and Instruments Manufacturing

Our company is a comprehensive manufacturer of industrial-use heaters. We produce heaters for manufacturing plasma and LCD televisions, computers, and cellular phone displays. We also contribute to a wide spectrum of chemical product fields including solar system panels, plastic products, automobiles, ships, metals, the food industry, and engineering.
We possess equipment for mass production, but also perform to-order manufacturing of small lot items of varied types. Using our long-cultivated know-how, we are capable of manufacturing the most fitting electric heaters for each individual machine.
Our principal transaction partners are Panasonic,Kaneka,TORAY,TOYOBO,Toyo Tire & Rubber,Bridgestone,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,KYOCERA,KURARAY,KOBE STEEL,Kawasaki Heavy Industries,Hitachi,Hitachi Zosen. We have many other transaction partners in addition to these (more than 500 companies).
We motto is "The best technology and The stable quality, keep the price as low as possible at No.1 customer satisfaction in industry segments".
We pour efforts into high-value-added product development there is scarcity value while strive to make a social contribution.
For the promotion of safety management and the education of our employees, we strictly adhere to a policy of having our employees acquire the authorization certifications corresponding to the contents of their work. Following our management principles, our activities to assist our customers have resulted in our receiving certificates of gratitude from our customers and certificates of commendation from the government.
As we are capable of receiving adequate capital at low interest rates from financial institutions, we are not currently utilizing any public assistance systems.
Technical Area Information
Processing Technologies  Divided into Three Manufacturing Categories: Materials, Processing and Manufacturing
MaterialsProcessing TechnologiesProcessingProducts and Uses
Heat-Generating Wires (Nichrome Wires)Coil Processing・Other ProcessingVarious Heater Types
Pipes (SUS-321, SUS-316L, Others)Forging・ForgeVarious Heater Types
Insulating Materials (MGO, Mica)Filling・Other ProcessingVarious Heater Types
Steel Materials, SUS, Iron, CopperWelding, Machining, Surface Processing・Machined, Ground or Polished
・Surface Processing 1 (Plating)
Various Heater Types
AluminumSand Mold and Die Casting・CastAluminum-Cast Heaters
Final Products  Products that Utilize the Commodity Items and Technologies Possessed
AutomobilesDie Preheating, Resin Parts Casting・Automobiles
Chemical FibersString Manufacturing・Fabrics
Chemical Products, Rubber, PlasticsMaterials Melting・Processed Plastic Goods
・Rubber and Tires
Machinery and ImplementsHeating・Air Conditioners and Heaters
・Electronic Instruments and Devices
Information Communication EquipmentDisplay Manufacturing, Parts Casting・Communication Equipment
・Computer Related Goods
Medicines and Medical SuppliesSterile Casting, Constant Temperature Casting, Tablet Casting・Medical Goods and Cosmetics
AsphaltManufacturing with Heat・Mineral Products
Foodstuff MachineryHeating・Home Appliances
Manufacturing Capabilities
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
Sheathed Heaters, Band Heaters, Aluminum-Cast Heaters, Drying Machines, Electric Furnaces, Other Application Products: Monthly Manufacturing Levels are Not Set
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
Our company is capable of manufacturing industrial-use heaters by special-order and in medium-size lots.
Company Infomation
Address 3-119-1, Otake, Yao City, Osaka 581-0854, Japan
TEL +81-(0)72-943-5100
FAX +81-(0)72-943-5211
Representatives Toru Matsumoto
Date of Establishment 1966
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 121 people
Industry Electric Machinery and Instruments Manufacturing


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