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Our Company Line Promises High Quality from Planning and Manufacture to Delivery Inquiries to this Company Japanese

Publishing, Printing and Related Industries
SEED's CREATE Co., Ltd. 

Printing Business
Newspaper fold-in pamphlets, public relations magazines, free papers, catalogues, pamphlets, DM, posters, calendars and more. To reduce costs and increase response rates, we put production information into a database and use it on the web and in other media.

Community Design Business
Thinking together with the general population, enterprises and the government, we help in ways that guide toward continual development.
Workshop Planning and Operations, Event Assistance, Communication Tool Creation (Pamphlets, Etc.) and Others
Double-Sided Color B2 Size Printing (Maximum Paper Size 880 mm x 546mm) Coated Paper, High Quality Paper, Etc.
Full-Color B4 Size 16 Page (Tabloid Size)/Full Color B5 Size 32 Page (AB Size is Also Available) Folding Allows for Multiple Pages

Exclusive-Use Paper Large-Scale Inkjet Printer (Maximum Paper Size 1,100 mm x 5,000 mm)
Yearly Sales: 4.95 Billion JPY (June 2011 Period)
Yao Headquarters/Factory
Kyoto Branch Office, Kobe Branch Office, Tokyo Office, Osaka Office
"A Printing Company that Creates Prosperity"
By spreading the seeds of prosperity we support people's lives.
By sharing between many people the process of thinking about what prosperity really is we create continual and developmental value.
Together with society we will advance business activities that consider the future of the environment and lifestyles.
Certified Qualifications: Printing Operations Professional (Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Certified), DTP Expert (JAGT), MUD Advisor (MUD Association), Etc.
Full-Time Employment of Fire-Prevention Managers, Safety Managers, Hygiene Managers, and Dangerous Products Handling Managers
"Privacy Mark JISQ15001:2006 Compliance" Acquisition; Now Applying to Acquire Green Printing Certification
Transaction Banks: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Tokyo Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank, Japan Finance Corporation
Technical Area Information
Processing Technologies  Divided into Three Manufacturing Categories: Materials, Processing and Manufacturing
MaterialsProcessing TechnologiesProcessingProducts and Uses
Coated Paper
High-Quality Paper
B Vertical Half-Cut Offset Rotating Machine (B2 Size)
Maximum Paper Size 880mm x 546mm
・Paper ProcessingFold-In Pamphlets, Catalogues, Pamphlets, Free Papers, Public Relations Magazines, Etc.
Exclusive-Use PaperInkjet Printer
Maximum Paper Size 1,100mm x 5,000mm
・PrintingLarge-Size Posters
Calendars, POP Displays, Etc.
Final Products  Products that Utilize the Commodity Items and Technologies Possessed
Newspaper Fold-In Pamphlets, Catalogues, Pamphlets, Posters, Free Papers, Public Relations Magazines, Calendars, Etc.・Printing and Publishing
・Processed Paper Goods
Manufacturing Capabilities
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
Double-Sided Color B2 Size Printing: Monthly Production 6.33 Million Sheets = 25.34 Million B4 Size Sheets
Double-Sided 2 Color B2 Size Printing: Monthly Production 720,000 Sheets = 2.88 Million B4 Size Sheets
Machinery and Equipment Possessed
Machine NameProcessing CapabilitiesNumber of Machines
Double-Sided Color B Vertical Half-Cut Offset Rotating Machine48,000 RPM4 Units
Double-Sided Color B Vertical Half-Cut Offset Rotating Machine36,000 RPM2 Units
Double-Sided 2 Color B Vertical Half-Cut Offset Rotating Machine30,000 RPM1 Units
B2 Size Sheet Extruder1 Units
DUPLEX Equipment (2-in-1 Connection, Inline Glue Binding Mechanism Type)1 Units
Exclusive-Use Paper Large-Scale Inkjet Printer5 Units
On-Demand Printer1 Units
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
・*We offer tours of the factory. We invite you to come see our manufacturing processes and learn about our quality management system.
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
*Sales Division
Creates databases out of produced works and uses them on the web and in other media (contributes to lowered costs and improved response rates)
*Manufacturing Division
With 24-hour, 365-day operations and in-house deliveries, we are capable of meticulously handling everything from small lots to mass production orders (factory tours conducted regularly).
Company Infomation
Address 1-18, Yuge-Cho-Minami, Yao City, Osaka 581-0034, Japan
TEL +81-(0)72-948-7771
FAX +81-(0)72-948-7735
Representatives Shouichi Miyagi
Date of Establishment 1996
Capital 70,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 150 people
Industry Publishing, Printing and Related Industries


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