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We provide packages desired by society with our "total creative strength." Inquiries to this Company Japanese

Other Manufacturing
Yamagata Gravure Co., Ltd. 

The Only Name is Suspension Packaging
"Cerice Pack" is the trademark of Yamagata Gravure's independently-developed header suspension packaging. In order to correspond to the widest range of products, Cerice Packs are available in a number of forms and variations including the general suspension type in both top- and bottom-loading versions, gusseted 3D types, artificial paper mount types, pocketed types, zippered types that allow multiple uses, breathable net types and more. All of these are order made to ensure a perfect fit to the product being wrapped.
*We make use of a quality management system based on our unique processing technologies and ISO 9001 methodologies during the gravure printing, laminating, slitting, and pocket-making that make up the Cerice Pack manufacturing process. We answer a variety of needs regarding package decorations, functionality, desired effects, differentiation, quality handling, environmental considerations, UD handling and more.

*The Kagawa Factory of the group company Yamagata Fasutemu (K.K.) in addition to manufacturing packaging also has a wrapping-exclusive factory with a clean room. This allows us to handle the needs of commissions for wrapping products that require hygienic environments.

*We have established a wrapping system sales division that comprehensively produces new packaging and wrapping equipment. We are able to handle even more advanced and varied needs of our users with a "total package support" style.
Principal Business Partners
Our corporate philosophy is use our total creative strengths to develop products wanted by society, and through the pursuit of increased customer satisfaction we will make the company prosperous and capable of allowing all employees to experience a life of fulfillment.
1998: Japan Packaging Contest Good Packaging Award
    Food Wrapping Category: Cerice Net Pack
1998: International Packaging Contest World Star Award:
    "Net Pack for Soybeans"
1999: Japan Packaging Contest Japan Star Award
    Ministry of International Trade and Industry Consumer Goods Industries Bureau Director's Award "Low-Resource Clear Wrap"
2000: Japan Packaging Contest Good Packaging Award
    Electronics and Device Wrapping Category Award: "Dry Battery Separation Package: Cerice Pack 21"
2001: JPC Japan Packaging Competition
    Electric Device Category Award: "Low-Resource Clear Wrap"
2001: Japan Packaging Design Award: Special Award "Low-Resource Clear Wrap"
2001: Japan Packaging Contest Good Packaging Award
    Electronics and Device Wrapping Category Award: "Hybrid Cerice Pack B"
2003: Japan Packaging Contest Good Packaging Award
    POP/Store Front Sales Wrapping Category Award: "Cerice Hang Sheet"
2005: Japan Packaging Contest Good Packaging Award
    Electronics and Device Wrapping Category Award:
    "New Hybrid Package in Pursuit of Environmental and Universal Design"
2009: Japan Packaging Contest
    Everyday Goods and Sundries Wrapping Category Award: "Broncho Pack"
*Manufacturing Authorization
Quasi-Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturing Industry, Cosmetics Manufacturing Industry, Medical Device Manufacturing Industry (Fasutemu Kagawa Factory)
Technical Area Information
Processing Technologies  Divided into Three Manufacturing Categories: Materials, Processing and Manufacturing
MaterialsProcessing TechnologiesProcessingProducts and Uses
OPP,CPPGravure Printing, Laminating, Bag Manufacturing・Other Plastic Processing
・Other Processing
Cosmetics/Beauty Products
Household Goods/OA Supplies
Hygiene Products/Quasi-Pharmaceutical Products
Sales Promotion Goods/DM/Giveaways
Manufacturing Capabilities
Machinery and Equipment Possessed
Machine NameProcessing CapabilitiesNumber of Machines
7 Color Gravure Rotary Printer2 Units
6 Color Gravure Rotary Printer1 Units
5 Color Gravure Rotary Printer1 Units
Laminating Machine2 Units
Bag-Making Machine50 Units
Filter Cutting Machine2 Units
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
Patents Applied for Regarding Packaging: 900
Registered Patents Regarding Packaging: 420
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
・ISO 9001:1994 Acquisition: 2001
*ISO 9001:2000 Acquisition: 2003
*ISO Number 1-> Quality System
ISO Number -> Quality Management System
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
We have no standard bags or standard sizes. We manufacture everything order-made to ensure the products being wrapped are a perfect fit.
Company Infomation
Address 2-99, Wakabayashi-cho, Yao City, Osaka 581-0038, Japan
TEL +81-(0)72-949-9456
FAX +81-(0)72-949-9729
Representatives Yuji Yamagata
Date of Establishment 1961
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 39 people
Industry Other Manufacturing


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