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Market-leading hinges

Market leader in door hinge manufacturing

Hinges are the hardware that makes a door open and close smoothly without being seen.

NISHIMURA CO., LTD. started manufacturing hinges in 1935, when most of the doors in Japanese homes were sliding doors, foreseeing that regular doors would become more common, and has been leading the market as a specialty hinge manufacturer for over 70 years. The company boasts more than 60% of the domestic market share for production of hinges for residential doors. If you see a door in your home, it is likely that its hinges are made by NISHIMURA.

Factory in headquarters
Production development with our own technology -More than 3,000 kinds of hinges are manufactured-

A major reason for NISHIMURA’s high market share is because we become aware of the customers’ needs quickly and utilize our abundant development and production capacity to fulfill those needs. Not only do we manufacture the products, we also develop our own production facilities. By producing our own manufacturing technology and maintaining a consistent system of production within the company, we are now producing approximately 3,000 different models.

NISHIMURA has developed a processing method to easily change thickness and height by using “progressive stamping,” which punches through a hinge’s left and right wing parts at the same time from stainless steel or steel sheet. We have also developed a machine used for processing the “bearing,” the portion of a hinge which the pin goes through, allowing for cost-effective domestic mass production of high quality, durable hinges.

Feature-packed products
Three-dimensional adjustable hinge
-Revolutionary new hinge: hinges installed by anyone-

In the past, installing a hinge on a door had to be done by a professional because subtle adjustment was necessary, and it also took time (about 60 minutes). NISHIMURA has developed an easy-to-install product, “three-dimensional adjustable hinges” that can be installed by anyone. This hinge makes it possible for the door position to be adjusted in three directions (left/right, up/down, front/back) and reduces installation time by up to 2/3. Installation can take place in as little as 20 minutes. By making it possible for anyone with a screw driver to hang a door, which used to require professional installation, NISHIMURA has revolutionized the industry. This functionality has also made it possible for housing equipment manufacturers to pre-install hinges on the doors when manufacturing building materials, contributing to the streamlining of housing equipment manufacturing.

Concealed hinges

With a regular hinge, bearings and pins can be seen with the door closed. As opposed to this, a concealed hinge makes itself completely invisible with the door closed, for superior aesthetics. Concealed hinges have been available for a number of years; however, they always had drawbacks such as large part sizes, high cost, and reduced durability. NISHIMURA, by developing our own precision stamping tools, created hinges with reduced size, weight, and cost, while having higher durability. NISHIMURA was acclaimed highly and awarded with the Daily Commodity Component Award at CHO MONODUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award 2011.

Future direction -Addressing the challenges of future building needs in a changing world-

NISHIMURA was selected as “KANSAI 100 MONODUKURI GENKI Corporations” and “300 Enthusiastic MONDUKURI Corporations” in 2009, being highly praised nationwide in manufacturing. We take pride in the support our employees contribute toward the company’s success. NISHIMURA will keep contributing to society through the development of innovative, attractive architectural hardware to connect people and to open the door to tomorrow.

○Address:   2-162, Chizuka, Yao Ciry, Osaka 581-0862, Japan
○TEL:   +81-(0)72-941-8681
○FAX:   +81-(0)72-941-4606
○E-mail:   tanaka@nishimura-arch.co.jp
○Homepage:   http://www.nishimura-arch.co.jp
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