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ABEL Co.,Ltd. The stainless steel was given an attractive and functional by our unique technology
Aiki Co., Ltd. We accommodate complicated parts with bent and drawn forms, as well as all other forms, with short turnaround times.
Amisen Co., Ltd. Taking Specialized Wire Netting to the Next Generation: Elastic and Flexible Manufacturing
FUJITA METAL MFG CO., LTD. Manufacturing Safe and Dependable Products while Focusing on Quality
Hasegawa Kanaami Co., Ltd. ★ Please anything consult Up to wire mesh! We also welcome prototype of small lots and a very small amount. For example, if ”I want only one piece of wire mesh of 10 cm × 10 cm,” you might, we correspond to the demand. ★ We manufacture a product that customers demand to fit the era!
Higashi Osaka spot welding Ltd. We have performed consistently mold building, trial production, shaping, surface finishing, test, assembly, packing and shipping since 1958.
Hot Co., Ltd. We are a company of primarily young people with a low average employee age.
IIDA STEEL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Our company creates widely-used products including liquid crystals, solar technology parts, and other goods utilizing our precision thin processing technologies.
INUI KOGYO Co.,Ltd. Inui Group is a manufacturer trading company of construction parts for concrete construction


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