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KODAMA GLASS CO., LTD. The base of KODAMA GLASS is Yao City, Osaka Prefecture. We sell top quality glass plates and mirrors with quick delivery to customers all over Japan via the Internet. KODAMA GLASS is a hybrid glass sales and construction company that has both Internet sales and face-to-face sales.
Kumagai Electric Co., Ltd. We give support for your company's difficult processes with our unified development, manufacturing and sales system!
Marl Kinzoku Seisakusho. In the areas of combination pressing and bending processing we have achieved reductions in processes and costs through the use of servo presses.
Maruichi Industrial Co., Ltd. We support the needs of our customers in the two production base of Japan and China.
MASHITA MARK Co., Ltd. We perform a consistent production and management of silk-screen printing to Press-Thomson processing. Thereby contributing to customers with ”quality, price, and delivery time”.
NAKATA Co., Ltd. We engage in small-volume manufacturing of a variety of product types, and can handle rush orders for prototypes and products in development.
Sansow Kikow & Co., Ltd. The pioneer of liquid plastic potting machines! Sansow Kikow & Co., Ltd.
Sanyo Co., Ltd. Our company performs general machine processing and difficult materials cutting using anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion materials.
Satou-Neji. Cmm What do you need? If you have a special product, visit Satou-Neji!
Shinko Co., Ltd. Fifty years of excellence in the rubber industry. We are a manufacturer of practical compounds.


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