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Kinki Clean Services Co., Ltd. Yao factory The burr problem is everything resolved by 'freezing deburring'! We will quickly process the burrs such as rubber or plastic.
KODAMA GLASS CO., LTD. The base of KODAMA GLASS is Yao City, Osaka Prefecture. We sell top quality glass plates and mirrors with quick delivery to customers all over Japan via the Internet. KODAMA GLASS is a hybrid glass sales and construction company that has both Internet sales and face-to-face sales.
müpack · Ozaki Corporation We promise technology, quality and delivery time. If you are concerned about the slider pouch please consult us. müpack · Ozaki has technology to make the smallest slider pouch in the world.
NODA BRUSH CO.,LTD. We are doing everything related to the commercialization of brushes.
Orientalbrush Co.Ltd. Our products are inexpensive and high quality, and if you want, we also support a wide variety of small lots.
SEEDS PACK Co.,Ltd. We moved the head office factory and office to current address in May 2015. We are aiming for ”manufacturing” that is security and in more sanitary environment than before.
SEIWA SANGYOU Co., Ltd. We are a vertical manufacturing company that conducts everything from design to mass manufacturing and assembly.
SHIMATANI GIKEN Co.,Ltd. We are a manufacturer who develops and manufactures plating system and peripherals such as semiconductors and electronic parts. Our products are particularly excellent for miniaturized electrode (conductive coating) plating system and suction type drying equipment.
Sunlight Kasei, Co., Ltd. *Unified System from Molded/Pressed Prototypes to Mass Production and Assembly *Overseas Production Die/Parts Procurement and Technological Assistance System
Sunny electrification industry Co., Ltd. We are capable of order-manufacturing products in accordance to the needs of a range of industries.


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