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Nochida Co.,Ltd. We Answer Requests Even for Single Units with Extreme Type Variation, Altering Volume, Quick Turnaround Production
Rika Industiries co., ltd. We offer a complete range of surface processing solutions including heat processing and coating!
Sansow Kikow & Co., Ltd. The pioneer of liquid plastic potting machines! Sansow Kikow & Co., Ltd.
Sanyo Co., Ltd We conduct unified manufacturing from springs, the pressing process and die products to unit assembly.
Satou-Neji. Cmm What do you need? If you have a special product, visit Satou-Neji!
SEIWA SANGYOU Co., Ltd. We are a vertical manufacturing company that conducts everything from design to mass manufacturing and assembly.
Shinko Co., Ltd. Fifty years of excellence in the rubber industry. We are a manufacturer of practical compounds.
SHINNICHI ELECTRIC HEATER Co., Ltd. Please consult with us for all of your electric heat needs.
SKO Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer of few slide fasteners in Japan
Solid Tool Co., Ltd. A Carbide Tool Maker that Brings About a Revolution at the Manufacturing Site


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