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FUJI ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY CO., LTD. We are the leading company for precision hardening technologies.
HYDRAULIC CO., LTD. Hydraulic press
Itahara Kinzoku Co., Ltd. We can produce metal products consistently. It includes mold design and manufacture, press and welding processing. So you would be able to contact us about metal products.
Lock Fastener Co., Ltd. Manufacture and Sales of Lock Nuts and Specially Machined Nuts, Centered on Stainless Steel
Naka Seisakusho Our company uses CNC automatic lathes, polishing machines and other equipment to manufacture precision parts.
Nochida Co.,Ltd. We Answer Requests Even for Single Units with Extreme Type Variation, Altering Volume, Quick Turnaround Production
Satou-Neji. Cmm What do you need? If you have a special product, visit Satou-Neji!
Shinko Co., Ltd. Fifty years of excellence in the rubber industry. We are a manufacturer of practical compounds.
Shinnihon-Kohki Co., Ltd. Our company performs speedy metal sheet laser processing and YAG laser processing.


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