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Toshin Netsuko Co., Ltd.
Tsuchitani Kinzoku Co.,Ltd We display the JIA Mark, a mark that is recognized the world over for peace of mind.
Tsukatani Hamono Mfg. Co., Ltd. Meeting the needs of a new era with ””sharpness and satisfaction””
Tsukimori Kogyo Co., Ltd. We are confidently offering products with high quality,low delivery time, and low cost.
WINGED WHEEL CO.,LTD. We are a lamp maker founded in 1924. We are proposing ”light remaining in the future” with reliable quality and original design, taking advantage of the history and traditional lamp making know-how that started with the manufacture of hurricane lamps.
YAMAMOTO METAL TECHNOS CO., LTD. Trust the technological skills of YAMAMOTO METAL TECHNOS for your precision machining needs.
YAO KANAAMI CO., LTD. We perform unified manufacturing or processed products and filters that require high degrees of precision from raw materials.


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