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Amisen Co., Ltd. Taking Specialized Wire Netting to the Next Generation: Elastic and Flexible Manufacturing
FUJI ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY CO., LTD. We are the leading company for precision hardening technologies.
Fujiwara Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Our company has developed the SAF construction method, a unique no-flash printed board press processing technology
HOKOKU Co.,Ltd. Our uniquely refined technologies are gentle to both people and the planet.
Hosiden Corporation. As a comprehensive electronic part manufacturer, we contribute to the development of the electronics industry.
IIDA STEEL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Our company creates widely-used products including liquid crystals, solar technology parts, and other goods utilizing our precision thin processing technologies.
Kansai Crown Co., Ltd. ”We always respond to every kind of inquiry and every kind of consultation.”
KDK Co., Ltd. We provide cutting-edge technologies and equipment.
Ken's Laser Our company specializes in laser processing. Leave it to the experts!


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