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FUJI ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY CO., LTD. We are the leading company for precision hardening technologies.
HOKOKU Co.,Ltd. Our uniquely refined technologies are gentle to both people and the planet.
HYDRAULIC CO., LTD. Hydraulic press
Ikegami Kinzoku Co., Ltd. Spinning process. We carefully and reliably make trial production and mass production.
IMG, K.K. Our company provides products that meet every kind of need.
KDK Co., Ltd. We provide cutting-edge technologies and equipment.
KODAMA GLASS CO., LTD. The base of KODAMA GLASS is Yao City, Osaka Prefecture. We sell top quality glass plates and mirrors with quick delivery to customers all over Japan via the Internet. KODAMA GLASS is a hybrid glass sales and construction company that has both Internet sales and face-to-face sales.
KOTANIKOUKAN CO., LTD. Our company performs high-speed 3D laser processing. You'll be surprised at the quality of our finished bored holes and notches!
Kyoritsu Heat Techno Co., Ltd. ””Heat Treating”” is the Skill that Puts Spirit into Metals


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