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Shinnihon-Kohki Co., Ltd. Our company performs speedy metal sheet laser processing and YAG laser processing.
Solid Tool Co., Ltd. A Carbide Tool Maker that Brings About a Revolution at the Manufacturing Site
STG co.,ltd. We can produce integrated casting from magnesium casting to finishing. In addition, we have three bases in Japan, China and ASEAN countries. Therefore, we can offer customers the best choice in quality, delivery time and cost.
Tada Machine Tool Co., Ltd. We are good at welded structure in general, and delivered to customers is carried out consistently to various paint in-house. In addition, we will until the installation work of the site elaborate also the assembly of the machine. If you want to request only part of a series of working process, we will also support the order.
Taihei Kogyo Co., Ltd. Our goal is to be a group of reliable and trustworthy engineers.
Taira Kanamono Co., Ltd. We will respond quickly to the needs of new building materials of the new times.
Takashima Industries Co., Ltd. Please consult us about any kind of metal surface treatments.
TAKAYOSHI Co., Ltd. We're good at boring processing and thick plate using the index of the roll and shaft of 1m ~ 2m (T200 × 500 × 2000). Additional We mainly received a request from the universities and research institutes, also challenged the 1mm or less of processing, such as laboratory equipment.
Takumi Seimitsu Bankin Seisakusho, Ltd. Send Your Precision Sheet Metal Prototypes to Takumi Seimitsu Bankin
TERADA Co., Ltd. Industry leading specialists in machine turning of ultrathin items and the manufacture of components for ultrahigh vacuum apparatus and cryogenic refrigerators.


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