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Artec Co., Ltd. We are a top manufacturer of school supplies, and are here to answer all the educational needs.
DAIICHI PLASTIC CO., LTD. We provide vacuum and compressed air molded products and printed molded products to a wide variety of industries.
Daiwa Toys Co., Ltd. We give importance to what we are focused on, and we strive to develop toys and goods that have never existed before.
DIGIC Inc Please look to us for all our graphite packing and production management system needs.
Dink Co.,Ltd. We have the know-how who knows the wastewater of cardboard factory. As a result, we've been to clean a large number of industrial wastewater. Industry deliveries of our ”GOEMON” (primary treatment) and the ”Rotation JIRAIYA ”(secondary treatment) is the top market share!
Fuekinori Kogyo Co.,Ltd. Using our starch-related technologies our company is pro-actively working to enter new business areas, including cosmetics.
Gold Industries Co., Ltd. We create value not to be No.1, but rather to be the Only One, and will continue to contribute to society.
Inoue Kasei Industry corp. We are engaged in plastic injection molding such as core-free mold and thin-wall molding.
Inui brush industry Co.,Ltd. Design, manufacture and sale of toothbrush
IWATARYO CO., LTD. We have been operating the production what was made in Japan as gift manufacturer over the 50 years of experience. Our branches are located in various parts of Japan, we can meet all needs related to familiar and sales promotion.


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